Monday, February 09, 2009

M'chayei ha-meitim: A thought for Tu Bi-Sh'vat

On the way to morning minyan today, I saw my first crocus leaves peeking through the soil. Between that miracle and today being Tu Bi-Sh'vat, which is the Jewish New Year for Trees, it occurred to me that the notion of giving life to the dead (a very rough translation of m'chayei ha-meitim) could refer just as easily to the rebirth of the plant world every spring as to the resurrection of the deceased. And, for me, that's reason enough to say a brachah/blessing expressing gratitude.

So nu? Tu Bi-Sh'vat is the traditional day for it, but it's never too late to plant a tree, support water projects (such as reservoir and dam construction, water conservation, river rehabilitation and recycling), build an indoor playground in S'derot . . .


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